Camping at Fort Washita


For our October campout our troop went to Fort Washita, which was an old Confederate Military fort in southern Oklahoma. The fort has a couple cemeteries, a tribal burial ground, and some old military ruins that were all pretty cool to learn about.

During the day Saturday, some of us went on a hike down to a river (which I believe was part of Lake Texoma) followed by some of us going on a hike to find a local geo-cache.

Being our October campout, it was a very spooky and mysterious campout with ghost stories being told here and there. One of the greatest parts of the campout was going on a night tour of the old fort and hearing the stories about the people who used to live there. There’s said to be the spirit of a headless woman haunting the fort, which had almost everyone scared out of their wits! The best thing for me personally was what I did to try freaking everyone out before we went on the night tour. I ran out into the dark woods next to where we were camping, and lit a candle. I waved it around while our Scoutmaster, Brent, who was in on the joke too, pointed out the mysterious light to everyone. All the boys grabbed their flashlights and came out in my direction to investigate the waving, flickering light, but luckily they never found me.

While we were enjoying the fort we met a friendly abandoned dog that followed us around everywhere we went. She (the dog) was given a lot of interesting names throughout the weekend. On Sunday morning as we were leaving, one of our Scouts, Conner, and his dad decided to adopt the dog. Conner really loved that dog and was thrilled with the opportunity of taking it home!

We worked on a few different merit badges while on the campout including Signaling and Camping. A few Scouts also caught, cleaned, and cooked some fish to work on their Fishing merit badge.

This was a fun and different campout that will definitely be remembered!

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1. Connor wrote:
The troop dog did come home with us and has become our other dog's best friend. In fact, with both being "black Lab type" dogs, they almost look like twins! After several flea baths, a trip to the vet, and learning the rules of the house, "Tiffa" has become a great member of our home. Thanks Troop 15 (yea!) for all the support and donations as we adopt this new family member.

Tue, November 2, 2010 @ 5:16 PM

2. Tom Webb wrote:
This would have been a great place to camp back when I was a scout. I have visited it. Alas, the troop never went there.

Sat, March 19, 2011 @ 3:43 PM

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