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This morning we got up later than usual to go to a "coach" (bus) tour. We had a special tour guide that was really enthusiastic. We were dropped off at the Tower of London around lunchtime. We were then free to choose what we wanted to eat. After we had all finished eating, we entered the Castle, which was constructed by the French to ensure their foothold on Great Britain, though it has failed to do so. Inside the tower there are many museums, ranging from the famous Crown Jewels to the half-under- reconstruction armor and weapon museum. There is also the famous "Beefeaters" (I know, great name, no idea where it came from), which are the non-commission officers, which act as tour-guides. Close to the middle of the area is a lovely green field which you can walk on, yea! However, you cannot play with any type of ball there, aw man! Also near the center of the Tower of London is a cage full of ravens. A legend goes the ravens leave the area, the tower will crumble, the Empire will fall, and the monarchy will be abolished. So... Yeah, that would be a good reason to have a cage full of ravens, i mean, we wouldn't want that to happen! :) Once we finished touring the Tower of London, the group split and one of the groups went to the British Museum and the other went to a shopping center. The group that went to the British Museum had only to be there for 5 minutes before the museum closed. At least we got to see the Rosetta stone first! We then proceeded to a shop which closed 2 minutes after we went in. Finally we went to the shopping center and sat outside the Apple Store so Eric could get wifi on his tablet to send pictures. We then went to dinner and ate Steak and Ale Pie, which is really good! On our return to the hotel, we ran into a problem with our hotel cards as they did not work, but we talked to the front desk and they were working in no time, so no worries! Congratulations! You made it to the end of my blog!

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1. Sharon Sullivan wrote:
Nice blog. Thanks for the detail in your overview -- and your 'aside' comments, which make it even more interesting.
(So the raven-keeper is responsible for keeping the British empire from collapse, eh?)
I think the best may be yet to be ...!

Tue, July 26, 2011 @ 9:39 PM

2. Valerie Densmore wrote:
Nice, Eli! The British Museum is my favourite place in London - the Rosetta stone is well worth seeing. Did you get to the Egyptian mummies or the Parthenon friezes before the museum shut? Personally, if releasing the ravens meant Australia became a fully independent country (not Commonwealth), I wouldn't mind so much. (; Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Thu, July 28, 2011 @ 9:19 PM

3. Irene Jergensen wrote:
I made it to the end of your blog and enjoyed the trip! Thank you for the Eli-view of a lot of British history. I look forward to learning more about your experiences and what you have learned when you get home.

Sat, July 30, 2011 @ 10:56 AM

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