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  • Summer Camp 2012 Backpacking Pacos Packers - 35 +/- mile hike

    Our Tres Ritos Boy Scout Summer Camp "Pacos Packers" experience wasn't like some of the others, there was a lot more walking and a lot less talking. We got to enjoy more of New Mexico than the other boys on a week long hike on a trail called pecos packers. The one we went on was a 38 mile hike through the glorious mountain ranges.

  • 2012 Boy Scout Summer Camp, Backpacking the Pacos Packers 45 Mile Hike

    On Monday we set out from the Tres Ritos Boy Scout Summer Camp base area on our 45 mile "Pacos Packers" hike. The next day, we climbed up a mountain to see the breathtaking view that was the Santa Barbara Divide, after a nearly a two hour break for lunch we worked our way down the mountain to Pecos Falls for the night. After a chilly night, we went on a day hike which was cut short by some summer rain and sleet.