About Troop 15

Troop 15 is one of Oklahoma City’s oldest and most exciting Boy Scout Troops. It is part of the Baden Powell District and the Last Frontier Council. The scouts meet each Monday night at 7:00pm, in the basement of the beautiful Oklahoma City First Presbyterian Church (map). Any parent and/or boy who wishes to find out more about Troop 15 and The Boy Scouts of America are welcome to contact the troop and come for a visit.

For over 75 years, hundreds of boys have come through Troop 15. Many of these scouts achieved the top rank of Eagle Scout and have become respectable leaders in the community. The goal of Troop 15’s Scoutmasters is to teach young boys leadership skills, citizenship, confidence, values and morals through exciting activities and monthly campouts.

Troop 15 has a unique and highly effective leadership team. Brent Wheelbarger and James Sweatt are Co-Scoutmasters who have a true commitment to helping the scouts of Troop 15 succeed. Brent and James both achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as young men while in Troop 15. Today, both are family and businessmen who are committed to help boys become men of character. Brent and James are known for their challenging and innovative ideas. They are recognized for helping Troop 15 scouts earn their badges and advance in ranks, while utilizing creative, challenging and FUN ideas. Because of this, Brent and James were awarded the 2009 Baden Powell District "Scoutmasters of the Year"!

Troop 15 is a “Boy-Run” troop. A Boy-Run troop is an exciting concept that allows scouts to manage their own activities and actions within a troop, while under the supervision of the adult leaders. The adults guide the direction of the troop, while the boys learn valuable life skills, through implementation and management. The troop’s agenda is set by boy leaders who are elected by troop members. Experienced scouts guide the newer scouts and work out any issues that may arise. Adult leaders teach the boys how to plan activities/meetings and how to make their plans in a thoughtful and logical manner. Although the adult leaders take a “back seat”, they do supervise the scouts’ plans to ensure the boys are safe and acting within BSA policy. A Boy-Run troop allows scouts to see and experience the results of their decisions. It also creates an atmosphere which fosters learning and growth. The young men of Troop 15 benefit as they learn from their mistakes, and from their many successes, while in a safe environment.


Latest Blog Posts

  • Summer Camp 2012 Tres Ritos, New Mexico

    The base camp experience at Tres Ritos Boy Scout Summer Camp this year was one of the best of my scouting career. We won the spirit stick the first day and although we didn't win it again I feel we continued to be the loudest and proudest. The boys did a wonderful job of listening and carrying out their jobs.

  • Summer Camp 2012 Backpacking Pacos Packers - 35 +/- mile hike

    Our Tres Ritos Boy Scout Summer Camp "Pacos Packers" experience wasn't like some of the others, there was a lot more walking and a lot less talking. We got to enjoy more of New Mexico than the other boys on a week long hike on a trail called pecos packers. The one we went on was a 38 mile hike through the glorious mountain ranges.

  • 2012 Boy Scout Summer Camp, Backpacking the Pacos Packers 45 Mile Hike

    On Monday we set out from the Tres Ritos Boy Scout Summer Camp base area on our 45 mile "Pacos Packers" hike. The next day, we climbed up a mountain to see the breathtaking view that was the Santa Barbara Divide, after a nearly a two hour break for lunch we worked our way down the mountain to Pecos Falls for the night. After a chilly night, we went on a day hike which was cut short by some summer rain and sleet.

  • 2012 X-Treme Winter Camp at Tres Ritos

    The Troop 15 (Yea!) boy scout winter camp at Camp Tres Ritos this year was the best and the coldest by far. Once we got there the cold mountain air hit us and we unpacked. We were surprised by the height of the snow, which was to our thigh and it was nearly impossible to walk through.

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